If you are a fan of sci-fi movies, and especially if you are an 80's kid that watched all the old Harryhausen movies on television, you will love this movie. Yes, it is an Anglo movie, meaning the main characters are all portrayed by white actors. (Although they did do a good job of representing as black African deities outside of those we recognize as Egyptian because of the Ptolemaic Greeks- in other words, the dynasty that left us with the final versions of Egyptian mythology. For instance, Thoth, who pre-dated the Gods featured in this film.) And yes, they spent most of the budget on the effects, which was a good decision. This movie is meant to be campy and cheesy. It's meant to riff on B-movies like Clash of the Titans, and the 1958 7th Voyage of Sinbad, etc. This movie was made for fans of Xena and Hercules, the Conan movies, etc.

A lot of comments about the acting. The direction was the problem, actually, but that's only discernible to people that have worked in the film industry, I guess. That's why some of the jokes fell flat, and some scenes weren't cut properly. If you want to make movies like this, watch this one with a critical eye for the direction, not the acting. The whole cast did a great job. And the script is excellent. The script is an "A" for a B movie.

Anyhow, I loved it. Watched it twice! What a fun romp!

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